Portal Nintendo 64 Demake by a Dedicated Fan Needs an Official Valve Release

Portal Nintendo 64 Demake Fan Valve Release
This Portal Nintendo 64 demake by a dedicated fan looks good enough to be an official Valve release, all thanks to programmer James Lambert. He’s been working on the game engine for quite a while now, but just recently, he managed to get the portal gun functioning in-game. Yes, the portals can appear on the walls, complete with the ability to look through them.

Why don’t the graphics look very crisp? Well, this isn’t just a simple remake with low quality textures, as it is actually running on N64 hardware. If you’re wondering why there isn’t any sound, it’s because Lambert wanted to confirm that the portal gun could function properly before spending any more time on the weapon. Currently, the N64 hardware can support up to four views through a portal maximum, although the final version may have less to keep things running more smooth. In the real world, physicists are still trying to open a portal into a mirror universe.

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