Gamer Connects Power Glove to Nintendo Switch and Plays Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Power Glove Connect Nintendo Switch Mario Kart Live Home Circuit
A gamer who goes by ‘Will it Work?’ on YouTube managed to mod a Power Glove to work with the Nintendo Switch. It took a lot of trial and error to get the Power Glove working somewhat properly, including trying out various adapters, but in the end, the USB NES RetroPort V2 dongle software itself had to be modified for the Nintendo Switch to recognize the controller.

The USB NES RetroPort V2 dongle had to then be paired with a Titan One ConsoleTuner, the latter of which allows one to use a controller of their choice on a game console. One other issue that he ran into was finding a place to securely place the Power Glove sensors. So, a custom wooden frame had to be built and the rest is history. Aside from Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, you can see it also works with a Pokemon game. In somewhat related news, SignAloud Smart Gloves are capable of turning sign language into speech.

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