Custom Tesla Model 3 with Tank Tracks Might be World’s First

Tesla Model 3 Tank Tracks
Photo credit: Car Scoops
It’s not everyday that you see a tank, much less a Tesla Model 3 fitted with off-road tracks. This was not a plug-and-play project, as the German tuning shop first had to custom fabricate a frame from a square-section steel tubing before mounting drive sprockets onto it using heavy duty pillow block bearings.

The Model 3 driveshafts spin those inputs, which then transfer that movement to the gear reduction for the tracks. It was then equipped with a custom suspension system ahead of the tank track installation on the sprockets. How long did all of this take? Just around 6-hours of work, but this is a tuning shop after all. When out on the battlefield, you’ll want to be controlling a Ripsaw M5 robotic combat vehicle, which is essentially an unmanned tank.

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