Apple Patent Reveals How the iPad and a Keyboard Accessory Can Merge to Become a MacBook-Like macOS computer

Apple Patent MacBook iPad macOS Computer
Photo credit: Let’s Go Digital
A recently uncovered Apple patent reveals how the iPad and a keyboard accessory can eventually merge to form a MacBook-like macOS computer. More specifically, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approved a patent that describes a hinged iPad keyboard accessory capable of being attached in multiple ways, with one of the sketches showing a macOS-like) user interface.

Apple Patent MacBook iPad macOS Computer
Photo credit: Patently Apple
Does this mean that Apple plans on eliminating either an iPad or MacBook model? Possibly, but from the patent sketches, it does not appear to be the case, but rather possibly an even higher-end iPad Pro. There’s a base section and a coupling mechanism, with the former including a keyboard sporting electro-mechanical keys. The coupling mechanism appears to be located on one side of the keyboard and configured to allow for the device to have a touchscreen display when the iPad is connected. Who knows? This might even be the rumored Apple glass keyboard.


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Apple Patent MacBook iPad macOS Computer

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